Experiencing “New Shores” from the Moderator’s perspective

On Wednesday, April 15th, the core team of the EIT Climate-KIC – Young Innovators 2020 in Cyprus participated in the second online training session on the social simulation “New Shores”.

Aleksandra Solinska-Nowak, from the Center for Systems Solutions, coordinated the meeting allowing  the Cyprus team to act as the moderators in the simulation.

The core team explored the technical parts of the game on how to manage the moderator’s panel. More specifically:
  • How to register and log in to the Moderator’s panel
  • How to create a session and invite players
  • How to run surveys
  • How to manage the rounds
  • How to finish and archive the session

The core team experienced  the role of the moderator and how s/he prepares and manages a simulation session, focusing on the dos and don’ts. Also, the team discussed about the importance of the debriefing session.  Capturing players’ emotions and thoughts about their own actions and motivations in the simulation but also others’ actions is crucial for bridging “New Shore” with the real world. Last, access was given to didactic resources supporting New Shores with various proposed activities.

The core team acquired valuable knowledge from both meetings regarding the “New Shores” and are fully equipped to offer a unique experience to the teachers and students of Cyprus.