Introducing the “New Shores”: A training session for the core team

On Tuesday, March 24th, the core team of the EIT Climate-KIC – Young Innovators 2020 in Cyprus was introduced to the “New Shores”  social simulation.  

The first part of the online training offered a wider understanding of what is a Social simulation and why to use it. The second part of the meeting focused on a hands-on experience with “New Shores” by playing several sessions online. 

The meeting was coordinated by Aleksandra Solinska-Nowak, from the Center for Systems Solutions, who also acted as the moderator in the simulation. The core team from Cyprus participated as students!

The “New Shores” is a multiplayer online social simulation in which players are called to live on a mysterious island covered with lush, forests and rich in coal. The player’s mission is to balance the island’s performance for a sustainable future.  Before the simulation started, the moderator presented the interface where different options and functionalities were featured. During the simulation session, the core team was free to govern themselves while communicating with each other via chat in order to run the island. 

The debriefing session was a crucial part of the experience.  The core team reflected on the things that effectively worked during the simulation-play but also on the things that didn’t go so well based on the island’s final performance.  In addition, the team proposed what needs to be done differently when the player are middle-/high-school students.