Introducing New Shores to the partners of the EIT Climate – KIC Young Innovators programme

On Friday May 29th, the core team of the EIT Climate-KIC Young Innovators programme in Cyprus successfully delivered a two-hour online training session on the social simulation “New Shores” to the programme partners. 

The training session started with an informative presentation about New Shores focusing on the philosophy of the game, the game objectives and how it is linked to the Young Innovators programme in general. Then, they were introduced to the game environment and the various game features and potentials.  

Partners had a unique opportunity to experience the game, collaborate with each other and set their goals. During the closing section, they shared with us their thoughts and gave us constructive feedback in relation to the game and also useful recommendations and tips for our upcoming school implementations.

We would like to thank all of them for participating in the online training session!
Acknowledgments: The New Shores was developed by the Centre for System Solutions as part of the Erasmus+ “Nauru Game for Active Citizenship of Europe”.