Playing the New Shores game with YENESIS participants in Cyprus

On Monday, June 1st, 2020, our team members from Cyprus Energy Agency (CEA), held a two-hour session with YENESIS’ participants in Cyprus, to play the New Shores game.

YENESIS (Youth Employment Network for Energy Sustainability in Islands) is a project led by CEA in cooperation with 10 more organizations, with the aim of promoting green, sustainable jobs, to reduce youth unemployment in the islands of Europe.

Being a European island, Cyprus participants in the project are supposed to be trained and mentored before joining the green jobs market. In this framework, participants are taken through a journey of experiences, covering the topics of Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Tourism and Transport, and Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

To link New Shores with YENESIS’ objectives, the moderators begun the session with a short introduction to the game and its environment, as well as a detailed session on the tools available through each round, and some general instructions. Before playing, players were told a storyline and given the opportunity to play 2 trial rounds. That was important to make sure that everyone knows how to play.

After 7 interactive and impressive rounds, that brought a balanced and sustainable future to the fictional island of New Shores, players were encouraged to speak out their emotions, describe any strategy they have followed, and share their thoughts on the island’s condition after the game had finished.

It is worth to mention, that our team member from CEA played the game with their colleagues as well during last May, with the difference that through the storyline, players were given a specific role such as Greta Thunberg, to test whether they would step in or out of their role.

On the debriefing session, moderators received comments such as ‘I felt I had to ‘be’ the personality I was given, and that was tough to me’, while others decided to follow their heart round to round. Overall, both sessions run smoothly and successfully with players having enjoyed the game and expressed themselves to play again!

*YENESIS benefits from €2.3M grant from Iceland, Lichtenstein, and Norway through EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment. Learn more about it here.